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This server was the shit back in the day. What happened?
what happened to this server i used to play on it years ago, i wish it was like the good ol days
This server lmao, had the hype but not the dedication to continue...
Jesus, for a returning MC server.. The owners really don't care much about it..


[Owner] Havoc a posted Apr 1, 16


  Welcome to the re-release of ArcadeMC! We are back and are ready to bring you that old classic server that you had grown to love! Original staff members are back, original maps are better than ever, and best of all, we are a 1.9.2 Cracked Server! Most of the minigames that are in our server will give you that nostalgia of classic Minecraft Server. We are running the following minigames at this time:

  • Creative
  • Parkour
  • KitPVP
  • Skyblock
  • Survival Games


  Creative is back and better than ever! Our Creative has been reworked to be an improvement on the past. While before, you were only able to have a single 32x32 plot, now, you start out with one 91x91 plot, with the ability to purchase an additional, and merge the two together. You may also join up with a buddy, and merge your two plots to form one.


Our original Parkour is back and brought up to date. With the original 76 maps still alive to this day. You may use your Creative plot to develop a new parkour, and make a post on the forums. If the community fancies your creation, then it will become the next parkour for the server. We are trying to involve the community more so than we had in the past. 


KitPVP, this is what made our server different from anything else. With our custom coded plugins to enhance the experience, and the addition of the Combat update, we have brought you the familiar minigame with added strategies. The majority of the kits will now come with a shield. This shield is your ally, with proper switching, hitting, and souping, you could become unstoppable!


Team up with other player to create something amazing. Your skyblock comes with challenges to complete, a shop to purchase additional resources, and three schematics to choose from. This is our largest rendition of Skyblock Ever! We strongly encourage team play, as it forms new friendships, and competition to have the best island!

Survival Games

  Our Survival Games now has some added features as well. Our custom KitPVP plugin will now work in Survival Games, you may encounter players using Battlefisher. Players using this kit will deal some serious damage using nothing more than a fishing rod. Better Watch your back!

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